Swimming Modestly

Happy summer! This sunny season is a wonderful time to enjoy the sand and warm water at the beach. However, it's nearly impossible to find modest, pretty swimwear in  stores these days. That's why I decided to share a couple of businesses with you that make quality modest swimwear. The two shops that I will be mentioning today are ones that I have ordered from and have had a good experience with. They are both small businesses run by mothers who have a passion for making modest swimwear available to others.
The first business I'll mention is Modernly Modest . I ordered my very first modest swimsuit from her, and I have been so happy with it. She is currently not offering custom swimwear due to the arrival of her third child, but you should definitely check out her lovely selection of premade girls swim suits.
Since Modernly Modest is not offering custom swimwear at this time, I needed to find another option when my mom needed a couple new modest swim suits. I discovered Modestly Yours Swimwear  and have been extraordinarily happy with her. She is friendly, thorough, fast, and does quality work. She also has a website in addition to her Etsy store, and that's where I ordered my mom's two modest swim suits.

Mama (left) in her swimsuit by Modestly Yours Swimwear
Me (right) in my swimsuit by Modernly Modest Swimwear
Mama in her swimsuit by Modestly Yours Swimwear
Mama in her swimsuit by Modestly Yours Swimwear

If you search on Etsy, there are other seamstresses who make modest swim suits. Please leave me a comment to let me know if you have any other recommendations for where to get modest swim suits! :)

With a smile,