Long-sleeved Version of the Girls' Gathered Dress

My daughter just made these matching dresses for her girls from the pattern she created for me. She hopes to finish up the pattern so I can offer it as an ePattern by early March. Be sure to check back!


  1. I love the long sleeves! I can't wait until the e-pattern comes out!! YEAH!! I'll be first in line to buy one! :) It's such a beautiful dress!

  2. oh your girls are so cute! keep posting beautiful dresses!

  3. Hello. I just discovered your blog yesterday (3/5) through sensibility's website (I've only known about them for 5 months via a web search). I am a christian re-entering sewing. I thank the Lord for christian blogs--which are rare.

    I love modesty and simplicity and that is why I want to sew again. I nominated your blog for a sisterhood award (never heard of it till 2 days ago). I love the simplicity and modesty of your site. May the Lord bless you. Here's my blog and you can read my profile:


  4. I love these dresses I would be interested in a pattern when you get them ready for ordering. Just wondering how difficult they are I am still a beginner at sewing.


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