Happy Seamstress, Happy Daughter

My dear friend in sewing has sent me a photo of  her daughter, wearing a dress made by adapting the Peasant Blouse Pattern to make a dress! She says:

I made Viola a dress from the blouse pattern I bought from you, and figured I would share a picture of the finished product.   I love the pattern and it is super easy to put together!!!    

I really appreciate your efforts in designing this pattern!

In case you were interested here are my sewing notes:    I used the Girls' Peasant Blouse pattern size large. Viola's measurements:  Chest 27", waist 23 1/2",  and hips 32".  For the front blouse I added 1 1/2"  at the hip area, and I didn't take in the curve of the blouse I just cut that straight.   For the back blouse I added 2  1/2"  at the hip area and again I didn't curve the  waist, instead I cut it straight from the arm pit down.  For the waist line elastic and contrast trim,  I measured the blouse from the arm pit down 3 1/2" and that was perfect for her.  I wanted this dress long, plus enough extra length to add a tuck, so I measured  29" down from each edge of the blouse, and made each half of the dress 16" wide at the bottom.  This gave her a total hem width of 64".   For the neck and waist  elastic measurements I kinda went by the girls shift dress pattern.  Viola has plenty of room to grow in this dress, so I'm hoping to be able to use this pattern for another year or so yet.


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