Oops! Design Glitches Found

Wouldn't you know? As soon as we said the pattern was almost on its way, I found an error! By "accident," I discovered a mistake in the long sleeve version of this blouse when I decided to make myself one for the Fall and Winter. I had made many short sleeve versions for children and adults that worked well, but it was not until I made a long sleeve version for myself that I realized I needed to improve the pattern.

Back to the drawing board, I adjusted the pattern for the long sleeve version and made myself a new blouse with the altered pattern. Now we must take the new design back to the company who scans the pattern, transforming it into a down-loadable file usable for our customers. When we finally get that done, you will be able to purchase the pattern here.

Our desire is to give you a pattern that can be easily adjusted to your own needs and altered creatively by you. Thanks so much to the friends who have encouraged us to persist in making sure this pattern will be truly practical and pretty for all those who love to sew for themselves and their daughters.

To God alone, who helps us frail mortals, be the glory!