What a Summer!

If you have been wondering what has happened to the Practically Pretty seamstresses, we are alive and well-- and extremely busy! We are not only seamstresses, but gardeners, musicians, home makers, and much more!

Did I say gardeners? Does anyone know how to get rid of the Mexican bean beetle? In my garden, they happen to LOVE natural bug killers! In fact, they thrive and multiply on the stuff!

The blackberries I transplanted from Virginia, that came from my father's garden in North Carolina have decided West Virginia mountain tops are absolutely the best place to grow. For the past six weeks we have been prisoners, unable to go anywhere for more than a day or two unless we arrange for someone to pick our blackberries. Every third day for the last month we have picked two gallons from one eight foot raised garden bed! My freezer is full of gallons of blackberries, waiting for their turn to be made into jam, pies, or wine. No time to do that yet, as the beet greens and Swiss chard need picking often, too, and the tomatoes decided to ripen all at once!

As for sewing, most of my time besides being in the garden has been occupied with making a semi-fitted peasant blouse pattern for moms and their daughters. Contrary to what my supremely efficient pattern-making daughter at Sensibility.com says, pattern making is not a "cinch!" The child's pattern is done, but making multiple sizes for the moms is still "under construction." I am working on the "master" which I will then take to the printer. After that, I may admit extreme lack of "tech savvy" and send the pattern to my daughter to change into a format which you ladies can easily download.

I have included some photos of "practice" blouses I made for myself in the pattern perfecting process. Not that the pattern may be perfect, but I think it will be easy to make and simple to fit. For the adult version, you may elect to make the sleeve straight, or gathered with elastic, with a 3/4 sleeve version for winter dish washing ease. Another option is lengthening the blouse hem down to dress length and adding elastic at or above the waist. We hope you will like it.

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24


  1. So pretty, Grammie! Can't wait for the pattern and am glad you updated the website :D



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