How Long Has It Been?!

Dear friends, This year has been a year of practically living in our car as we have traveled miles and miles! When we finally get home, I do not have the energy to update the sewing blog!

So many new things are going on here! The most important event will be the debut of my new partner in Practically Pretty by Design. I hope you will remember the sisters who came to learn how to slipcover a couch in 2009. One of them, Bethany Stricker, will be my partner, beginning in January with a new line of clothing for pre-teens and teens, as well as dresses for ladies-- including maternity ones. Bethany has so many creative ideas, we know you will be pleased to see her creations.

Check out Bethany's work at Please be patient as we go through the steps to revamp the Practically Pretty by Design site! We are looking forward to many new things in the years to come!


  1. Dear Mrs. Need,

    I have missed you and your blog posts at your Titus2joy site! I'm so glad this year has been a blessedly busy one and I look forward to hearing from you on your blog(s) as you have time!

    I just want to write my enthusiasm of your designs for young ladies. My 13 year old has had a spurt and she is now taller than me, but disgusted with most clothing choices. I look forward to seeing your new ideas and designs!




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