Winter Tasks

There are 19 inches of snow outside our warm home in the Blizzard of 2009, and the snow has not yet stopped coming down!

This is a good time to catch up on computer time, as I must finish the e-book my daughter asked me to do on slip covers. Have you ever tried to reconstruct an event by looking at photos? Two apprentice sisters came for a couch slipcover lesson in April, and I am still trying to combine photos with the "flow chart" -- the step by step order by which we accomplished the job!

To add to the confusion, I also slip-covered another couch, and the photos are mixed in with the first ones! A book writer I am not! I can tell you step by step how to do a sewing job, but it is very hard for me to put it to paper. and illustrate it with the appropriate photo!

The winter appears to be a long one, so maybe I will have the book finished by spring. Hope springs eternal in the human breast!

I hope your sewing projects for the winter will give you joy and a sense of accomplishment! Have a blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year!

(The photos show my husband shoveling our walkway. The right hand one shows the snow "mountain" covering our cars behind my husband. We guess we may be able to get off our mountain in two or three days!)


  1. Oh fun, Bettie! We have about 4 inches here, and are loving it--but 19 would be even better! It's so wonderful to be cozy and safe at home with electric and SNOW. ;-) Charity and I have been sewing and you can see what we've been up to over at my blog, like usual. God bless!

  2. Mrs. Need you all got more snow than we did it looks like! But we also did receive about 19 inches! It looks like more in your pictures! I miss you all so much! If you have any Q's while you are putting togeather the book just email Beth or I. I might remember something even though it was long ago it seems! Beth and I have both started blogging ourselves. So check out our blogs when you get a chance. Merry Christmas!


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