End of Summer Clearance

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over! Up here on our mountain, the summer has been quite cool-- we are not sure we want even cooler weather yet. The veggie garden has kept us busy, and we have been on the road a lot, so I am ready to "settle?" down and do some fall cleaning. That means getting rid of the summer dresses in our store, and hopefully adding new ones for cooler weather.

So-- the 25% OFF dress sale is on! Check it out, and have a good end of summer!


  1. Hello!

    Just wondered if the sale price is reflected in the listed price or is the discount on top of that?

    I've purchased the pattern but haven't found the time to use it yet!

  2. The prices for the sale dresses have already been lowered from $37 and $35 to the prices listed. Thanks for your inquiry!


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