The eClass is now available!

The eClass my daughter recorded for the Simple Gathered Shift ePattern is now ready for download! You can get the class by itself (if you already own the ePattern) or purchase them together as a bundle at a discounted price. Use the buttons in the sidebar to add the one you'd like to your cart, and then checkout using the View Cart button.

To take the eClass, you simply open the PDF containing the visual presentation, then click to play the audio MP3. The narrator prompts you to go to the next slide when it's time. You can pause the class, stop and start, or even sew along while you watch! This is a great way to learn hands-on techniques without having to go anywhere or pay a professional teacher for expensive lessons. You'll learn how to assemble an ePattern (video tutorials are included), how to choose the correct size for your child, what fabrics are most appropriate for the project, how to make flat-felled seams, create casings for elastic, and more!

Here's one customer's comment on this class:

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the Simple Shift Dress tutorial. After the tutorial, I whisked my family though lunch and went straight to my sewing room. My daughter wore her new dress out for ice cream this evening! It is so flattering, modest, girlish and EASY to put together.

Your tip on flat-felled seams was brilliant! I've only ever used f.f. seams on my husband's pants. It never occurred to me to use them on dresses. I've muttered under my breath many-a-time while trying to force elastic past a seam. Never again!

Thanks for all your good work.

Rebecca W

Please note that both of these are LARGE zip files (over 15 megabytes for the eClass and 30 for the bundle), so you will need a high-speed Internet connection (no dial-up!) to download them. If you do not have DSL or cable, you can use your local library or Kinko's to download the file and burn it to CD.