Need a New Dress?

If you are reading this, it means that my husband and I were successful in acquiring new "techie" skills. We finally called my daughter Jennie to ask for help in setting up the items for sale, which she graciously gave us-- from her cell phone as she traveled back to their home to move the final load of belongings to their new home in southern Alabama! She is always upbeat (even at 10 p.m.) and thinks we can do what she tries to teach us to do! Old dogs may be able to learn new tricks, but it takes some longer to learn! Thanks, Jennie, for not giving up on us! Thanks to some of our granddaughters for modeling the clothing, in spite of the younger one's fractured arm! They love to wear "sister" dresses!

Visit my etsy store to see the ready to wear clothing in stock. Note: The elastic in the waist, neckline and sleeves can be accessed and adjusted. If the elastic stretches with age, it is easy to replace. Also, the dresses can be shortened, and those with tucks can be lengthened.


  1. I love your website. Wish I could sew such pretty, modest clothing. I found you about 3 months ago on's site. I also linked to your Feelin Feminine widget earlier this week and enjoyed that site as well. It is refreshing to see fellow Christians blogging and with websites where we can help each other.
    Once I get going (I'm a beginner), I desire to sew things like A-line and long skirts, pillows, etc. Ms. Chancey suggested a pattern from her site.

    Maybe you can help me (once I get going) set up similiar buttons that you have on your site as it relates to people ordering clothes, etc.

    Many blessings to you. -JC

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  3. Just wanted to share how our shifts came out. *Ü*

    We love this dress!


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