From the Mail Bag

Thanks Bettie! I made my daughter a dress today and it came out beautiful!! I plan on making a few more yet. They are so easy to make!! Thanks for making the pattern available for us busy Moms.
Blessings, Rhoda

Hi There!
I ordered the shift pattern last night...? Our printer wasn't working so I actually just set the pages to 90% and traced the pattern off the computer screen!? It took a while, but it worked!? :)

I thought you and your daughter might like to see pictures of the finished product.? Do you have a gallery somewhere to post them?

Your daughter did a great job on this pattern... I think it took me about 5 hours in all....? But that's not bad considering that I have a 2 week old baby who I fed several times in those two hours, had to stop to feed the older children and then had to stop again to mop the floor when a pitcher of iced tea got spilled all over it!? All in all, I'm very happy with the pattern...? I bought this pattern because I was looking for something pretty that would be quick and easy to make with a newborn in the house.? It seems like my 4 year old outgrew all her other dresses in the 2 weeks since the baby came.? This pattern was perfect for us!

By the way, I added six inches to the length of the shift then sewed in three pleats to let down later (as you suggested).? I was just using whatever I had in my stash and I ran short of single fold bias tape, so I pulled out some dark green double fold bias tape for the waistband, opened it, pressed it flat and then proceeded as if it were single fold.? :) ? I liked your directions for the flat felled seams, but my daughter really wanted to wear her new dress today, so in the interest of time (considering that the baby would need to eat again soon!) I just serged the side seams and it worked out fine.

You can see from the photos that my daughter is as happy with her new dress as I am!? Heidi is 4 years old.

Alina Joy