Next on line!

Dresses and petti-pants are finally ready to post to the store! Rebecca and Bethany came for a 12 day internship and learned how to sew the Girls Simple Gathered Shift and Petti-pants. Check them out soon!


  1. Beautiful! What a gorgeous photo as well! :)

  2. I'm so excited! My daughter's birthday is coming up shortly after we return to the States, so if you have her size I'm going to have to buy a few!

  3. they look so great Mrs. Need! I can't wait to hopefully see some photos of customers wearing them. I would love it if your customers would post photos of their girls wearing the dresses and pantaloons. I love these dresses and I can't wait to make the ones for our friends at our church when our reenacting sewing is all finished in the coming two weeks.
    I miss you all and I hope you are having a blessed week!
    For Christ and his conventants,
    Rebecca S.


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