I accept cash, checks, and payments through PayPal.

If you are ready to place an order, please contact me at sewsarah96@gmail.com . From there I will ask for your order and for these measurements:

1. Bust
2. Under-Bust
3. Waist
4. Hips
5. Bicep
6. Desired length (of dress, skirt, blouse, ect.)
7. Desired length of sleeves if applicable
8. Shoulder width in front
9. Shoulder width in back
10. Back length from nape of neck to waist
11. Front length from shoulder, over bust, to waist
12. Your height
13. Forearm circumference (for Catherine's Choice dress 3/4 sleeve only)

(right click and open new tab to enlarge image for number clarification)

(right click and open new tab to enlarge image for number clarification)


1. Chest
2. Waist
3. Hips
4. Bicep
5. Desired length (of dress, skirt, blouse, ect.)
6. Desired length of sleeves if applicable
7. Shoulder width in front
8. Shoulder width in back
9. Back length

Once we receive payment, the specifics on your order and the materials, we will start on your order.

If you are having trouble finding fabric at a reasonable price, please contact us. We may have something you are looking for in stock. We buy our fabrics on sale when they are at a reasonable prices. Using something we already have in stock will also save you money because you would not need to ship fabric to us. We would already have it when we start on your order. 


We cannot start on orders until payment is received.

We do our very best to fill orders as quickly as we can. When you contact us, we will give you a specific time frame for when we can fill your order and will stick with it. If we cannot fill your order by the date specified, and have not started sewing, we will give a full refund. At this time, we cannot work under short deadlines (less than 4 weeks). Please keep this in mind when ordering and planning.

We work by the measurements you give us. If they are not current and the garment ends up being too small or too large because your measurements have changed, we cannot take the time to take apart the garment and fix it. Please make sure you send current measurements. (Note-- please feel free to ask questions about the measurements we need if you are unsure.) We understand that women fluctuate in their weight an average of 5-10 pounds and take this into account when making garments and putting in ease. We also know how a woman's body changes during the childbearing year. We are so happy to work with you if you are in that season of life or if you are losing weight. Please let us know if you are pregnant, and how far along, when you are placing your order as we can accommodate these things when we start on your garment.

We do wash and dry all fabrics before sewing and put in care labels so that you do not need to worry about shrinkage after wearing and so you will also know how to take care of your garment in the best way for longevity.

We finish all seams with a serger to keep a professional quality and to ensure longevity.


If any garment you receive from Practically Pretty by Design is defective in any way due to our sewing, we will fix it to be the utmost quality. If a button comes off or a seam rips because of wear and tear not under quality sewing, we cannot repair the garment. The prices reflected on the Practically Pretty website are for labor only. Materials and shipping are additional costs. Because we believe beautiful things can be both practical and pretty, you will also receive your garment packaged with care to insure safe delivery. It will be wrapped in tissue because we believe the presentation should reflect the quality of the garment and the care we put into what we make.

Thank you.

The Seamstresses at Practically Pretty by Design