About Me


I am Sarah Lewis, a 22-year-old seamstress and the third owner of Practically Pretty by Design. Betty Need, a true Titus 2 woman and the founder of this business, started the website in an effort to offer modest dresses that were both practical and pretty to busy mothers and their daughters. She kept the dress styles simple as her goal was to make affordable everyday modest clothing. And that is my goal, as well.

In 2010, Betty Need invited Bethany Stricker to be part of the Practically Pretty team. In 2011, Bethany and her sister, Rebecca, worked on incorporating new styles from more pattern companies to further the mission of offering classic feminine clothing for women of all ages. Finally, in 2014, Bethany began teaching me the art of creating custom dresses, and at the beginning of 2017, I officially became the owner of Practically Pretty by Design. I have been sewing since the age of 8 when I would take scraps of fabric and sew them together into doll blankets with sloppy, uneven stitches. After 14 years, some sewing lessons, and much learning on my own, I now enjoy filling order for Practically Pretty by Design and hope to possibly open my own etsy shop in the future, Lord willing. Sewing is definitely my passion; little makes me happier than strolling through JoAnn Fabrics or whipping up a cute project on my sewing machine.
  Sarah Lewis -- current owner of Practically Pretty by Design

Bethany Stricker with Betty Need

Mission Statement

My goal is to glorify God in my work and bless women and girls in every season of life by providing classic, feminine apparel and patterns for those who would like to sew their own. I strive to minister to these women in this way in a day and age when it is becoming increasingly difficult to find clothes of this kind.

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